Mike Zambidis … the last play

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Αθλητισμός

Peace and Friendship Stadium 27 June 2015

Iron Mike (a pseudonym of Mike Zambidis) is a professional athlete. He is considered to be the best Greek fighter and the one who established kickboxing. A month ago, announced that his last fight is going to be hold on 27th of June at Peace and Friendship Stadium in Athens. So, I could not miss it. What I like the most is his character and the tranquillity he spreads when he is speaking. A remarkable person and athlete. I did not take a lot of photos but I will share below some of them.


The pass

I entered to the stadium 6 hours before the main event, because there was not only the fight between Mike Zambidis and Steve Moxon that took place but Zambidis gathered about 50 athletes of kickboxing for pre-games.


About 6 hours before the great fight.


The game was over

You can see the last game of Iron Mike through YouTube, if you hit Mike Zambidis vs Steve Moxon in search box. Finally I would like to share another video, which saw the last moving entrance of Iron Mike into the ring.


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